Baby's Visual Journey:

"Discover the incredible stages of your baby's sight and learn why high-contrast visuals are essential."

The basics

In the eyes, there are two main types of tiny light sensors: rods and cones. Rods help us see things in the dark, like shapes and movement, while cones are all about colors and details when it’s bright. Together, they work as a team to help us see everything, from motion and contrast to colors and tiny details. At birth however, the rods and cones are not yet fully developed.

Baby’s visual development unfolds in several stages. Throughout these phases, the brain plays a vital role in helping babies make sense of what they perceive from visual stimuli. These crucial early months can be supported with the right tools, and high-contrast images play a fundamental role in nurturing your baby’s visual acuity.

Let’s take you on a brief journey through these captivating stages.


From high-contrast fascination to full-color exploration

In this incredible transformation, take a moment to appreciate your baby’s visual development. It’s a journey from high-contrast fascination to full-color exploration. To support this journey, Mini Coco Flash Cards are a valuable tool designed to engage and nurture your baby’s visual development. These cards are a treasure trove of high-contrast patterns and images, proven to captivate your baby’s interest and support the maturation of their visual acuity. 

By regularly exposing your baby to these high-contrast images, you’re providing them with the opportunity to refine their visual skills and lay a strong foundation for future visual exploration. It’s a visually stimulating, fun, and interactive journey that goes hand in hand with their natural curiosity.

So, embark on this exciting journey of discovery with Mini Coco Flash Cards and be a part of your baby’s vibrant world of color. Enjoy the show!