We are Mini Coco

Nurture your little explorer’s curiosity with Mini Coco: Products designed to spark their senses, tailored to your child’s interests and developmental journey for playful discoveries!

Designed in the Netherlands

The Mini Coco Flash Cards are proudly designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, and this has numerous advantages. The Dutch commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility means that the production of these cards follows eco-friendly practices. The cards are made from locally sourced, eco-conscious materials, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Additionally, the Netherlands’ stringent quality standards ensure that you are receiving a product of exceptional quality and safety. Supporting locally made products not only benefits your baby’s visual development but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

Flash Cards


Imaginative black and white flash cards specially designed for the tiniest ones. Newborns can only see up to 30cm and, besides their parents’ faces, they are most fascinated by high-contrast images, shapes, and patterns. The cards are made of sturdy cardboard.

An added bonus is that all three themes on the back come with a fun activity. You can learn counting with the farm theme, recognize colors with the ocean, and spot the three differences with the safari.


Our little creators ..

Our Mini Coco designers are the finest little creators, they know exactly what is appealing to children. We are extremely proud that the illustrations we use for our product line are drawn by Dalí (6 years old).


High contrast

High contrast, especially in black-and-white patterns, is considered important for stimulating and helping babies develop visually. Baby’s visual development unfolds in several stages. Throughout these phases, the brain plays a vital role in helping babies make sense of what they perceive from visual stimuli.

in 4 languages

Dutch, English, German & French