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Nurture your little explorer’s curiosity with Mini Coco. Products designed to spark their senses, tailored to your child’s interests and developmental journey for playful discoveries!

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Why Mini Coco

Mini Coco is the first baby toy you can offer your baby.
The high contrast black and white images develop visual stimulation.
It calms babies down and keeps them focused. The cards are made of sturdy recycled carton. Designed and produced in The Netherlands.

Visual Development

Hoog contrast bij pasgeborenen. Zwart wit zien.

High contrast, especially in black and white patterns, is considered important for stimulating and helping babies’ visual development.
Read further why high contrast is beneficial.

Mini Coco_visuele ontwikkeling stappen van een baby

Discover the incredible stages of your baby’s vision and discover why high-contrast images are essential.
Follow us on a visual journey

De verschillende ontwikkelingsfase van de eerste maanden van een baby.

View your baby’s visual development. From just a black and white image to full-color.
Discover the visual stages and see in which stage your baby is.

Mini Coco_ontwerper_dali_meisje van 6

Meet the designer

Did you know that all Mini Coco drawings were made by 6-year-old Dali?
Because the best way to enter into a child’s imagination, 
is to look through the eyes of a child.

Become a Mini Coco retailer

Mini Coco is the baby toy for the little ones.
Offer your customer the best and let them choose the Mini Coco Flash Cards. The black and white viewing cards are packed in a nice decorated package. The packaging contains a clear description and QR code for more information about Visual development.

Fun to give and receive.

Mini Coco zeepaard kijkkaarten hoog contrast zwart wit baby speelgoed losse kaarten

Let's play together

Did you know that playing together strengthens the bond and increases empathy for others?
With the Mini Coco Flash Cards you can play together with your baby and toddler.
The High contrast images stimulate the baby and discover the game element together with your toddler.

Mini Coco baby speelgoed kijkkaarten
Mini Coco kijkkaarten ontworpen en geproduceerd in Nederland

Made in The Netherlands

Available in 4 languages

Mini Coco_baby speelgoed_samen spelen verbind

Explore together

Preparing for color vision

Brain development

Follow the zebra